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Official website of San Diego based Pro Muay Thai Fighter and Artist Marvin Madariaga.


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Marvin Madariaga is one of the most talented and sought after Professional Muay Thai fighters and artists in America, and he is always looking to partner and collaborate with forward thinking, like minded companies.

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Private Sessions


While Marvin is a fierce competitor, he is a martial artist at heart. As a professional Muay Thai fighter and lifelong competitor, he is eager to teach and pass on the knowledge he has gained to the next generation of fighters.

If you are interested in getting personalized, world class instruction in Fitness and Muay Thai in San Diego, California, the best method would be to book a private session with Marvin.

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Having trained in Thailand and with an extensive martial arts background in Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling and Judo; Marvin offers a unique perspective for both the casual amateur and the high level professional.

If you are interested in booking Marvin for a Muay Thai seminar, please use the contact form above to get in touch.

Marvin has extensive experience in holding seminars for fighters, children and in corporate environments.